honey glazed french crullers

I’m in serious trouble – I just found out how easy it is to make French crullers.  Filled with pockets of air these doughnuts are irresistibly light making it way too easy to eat the entire batch!



light, puffy donuts & tea


Making these honey glazed crullers took less than 15 minutes – how scary is that?  Even worse?  It doesn’t even require any unusual ingredients, just flour, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, honey & powdered sugar.  Now everytime my sweet tooth kicks in I’ll have to fight the urge to whip up these addictive delights.


fresh honey crullers


I found this recipe on one of my favourite food blogs, Use Real Butter.  The original recipe is for beautifully piped round doughnuts but honestly, I’m way too lazy for that.  Instead I opted for quick small bites that make me feel less guilty about eating half a dozen.


light & sweet honey crullers


Good luck & don’t say I didn’t warn you.

honey glazed french crullers (adapted from Use Real Butter)

- ingredients –

for the crullers

1 cup water
6 tbsp unsalted butter
2 tbsp sugar
pinch of salt
1 cup flour
4 eggs
oil for frying

for the glaze

1 tbsp honey
1 cup icing sugar
2 tbsp milk

- directions -

  1. pre-heat oil in fryer or a deep pot.  the oil should be around 370 degrees.
  2. bring water, butter, sugar & salt to a boil over medium/high heat in a sauce pan.  once boiling, add flour all at once stirring vigorously.  keep stirring until the mixture comes together in a ball in the center & the bottom of the sauce pan is covered in a thin layer of film (the more moisture you can evaporate the lighter the doughnut)
  3. remove from heat and transfer mixture to mixer fitted with paddle attachment.  mix on low for a minute to cool batter.
  4. mix on medium speed & add the eggs one at a time.  wait until the previous egg has fully incorporated before adding another egg.  once all the eggs have been added you should have a smooth, shiny mixture.
  5. drop a small amount of batter in the fryer to test temperature.  if the oil makes a lot of noise you are at the right temperature.  use two spoons to drop small, ping pong sized balls of batter into the oil.  do not crowd the fryer or it will reduce the temperature and make your crullers greasy.
  6. let the crullers fry for 4 minutes before flipping with tongs.  cook for another 4 minutes.  once fully cooked the oil will become silent & the crullers will be very light.  place on cooling rack with wax paper or cookie sheet underneath.
  7. while crullers are cooling make the glaze – mix milk, icing sugar & honey together.  when crullers are cool dip the top in the glaze and put back on the cooling rack.  once the glaze has set they’re ready to eat.

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